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BancABC is an innovative banking and wealth creation partner that delivers genuine service because we always try to understand you better. We offer world-class financial products and services that include Corporate Banking, Treasury Services, Retail and SME Banking.

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Who are we?

BancABC is an innovative banking and wealth creation partner that delivers genuine service because we always try to understand you better. We offer world-class financial products and services that include Corporate Banking, Treasury Services, Retail and SME Banking.
At BancABC, we are interested in developing financial solutions tailor-made for small and medium businesses. With an experienced team of dedicated relationship officers and branches spread across Botswana, we are set to deliver innovative and flexible financial solutions specific to your business.

Why should you bank with us?

We understand that your business is unique and recognize that you need financial solutions that reflect our brand philosophy of Fresh Thinking - Smart Banking. With innovative products and services, modern branches, 24 hour banking and direct access to your relationship officer, you will be able to effectively manage your financial needs from working capital to business development, security and advisory services among others.

What kind of business needs do we meet?

Working Capital needs:

At times, most businesses experience some constraints in cash flow due to the cash flow cycle, which is affected by collections, credit terms and stock management. Healthy businesses with high profits can also be in need of financial assistance for bridging working capital gaps. BancABC can meet your financial needs for working capital by structuring facilities including:

Working Capital Loan
• Revolving short-term finance payable monthly.
Overdraft Facility
• Revolving short-term finance payable on demand.

Order Finance
• Once-off or revolving credit line to finance costs involved in supplying orders awarded. Order finance includes all necessary protection of risks when importing goods. Payable once off by your customers to your BancABC account.

Invoice Finance
• Once-off or revolving credit line to finance invoices issued to accommodate your business' competitive advantage to sell on credit. Payable once by your customers directly to your BancABC account.


Capital Investment needs:

Sound and healthy growth of your business requires investment in capital assets that will help you increase productivity over the medium to long term. Investing in capital assets will have a big impact on your daily cash flow if not properly planned for. Financing of investment in capital assets can be through your own funds from retained profits and/or injection of new capital. BancABC can assist you by structuring your long-term financial needs in the form of:

Asset Loan
• Asset loan facility can finance equipment, machinery, vehicles and other fixed assets required to expand your business.

Property Mortgage
• Property mortgage facility can finance acquisition of property, refinancing existing property or equity release.

Development Loan
• Development loan can be structured to accommodate for specific development and expansion plans.
To manage your cash flow effectively, our financing products come tailor-made in two SME packages, including the Bosele Starter Account & the Ikage Business Account.

Transactional needs:

Bosele Starter Account
• This account is tailor-made for micro and small enterprises or start-ups with turnover up to P1 million annually. The account will help you manage your business at a zero monthly fixed fee, with 24 hour access to your account via Online Banking, at the same time earn interest on cash exceeding P10,000. When starting a business, it is important to plan for future growth, and BancABC will help you access finance after having operated this account for a period of time exceeding a year. You will also get access to experienced relationship officers who will provide financial advice.

Ikage Business Account
• This account is tailor-made for small to medium businesses with a turn over in excess of P1 million to P10 million annually. You are required to pay a minimum balance of P1,000 to open the account. The account is a business current account that accommodates your daily transactional needs with 24 hour access via Online Banking. You can prudently manage your money without worrying about paying high fees, as all your daily transactions* can be done within the ONE monthly fixed fee of P300, including 2 free telegraphic transfers


when you maintain a minimum balance of P10,000 on the account. When in surplus of cash, no need to transfer between several accounts to earn interest. Everything is captured in the Ikage Business Account.

Institutional Account
• This is a FREE account is tailor-made for the following institutions; societies; associations; NGO's; schools; churches and embassies. The institutional account can assist you in achieving earnings on your daily cash at no monthly fixed fee with FREE access to your cash.
• P1,000 minimum balance required.

Saving and Investment needs:

Call Deposit
• When in surplus of cash, you can also earn a higher interest in a call deposit account and at the same time access the cash at no extra cost.

Fixed Deposit
• When you do not need your cash for a certain time, you can earn a higher interest by investing any amount fixed for at least three months.

Safety needs:

When operating and managing a business you expose yourself and the business to risk every day. In order to manage these risks, BancABC can assist in protecting your business against risks which include:

• Your business operation like theft, fire, loss or damage of assets
• You as the owner and manager
• Your employees
• Your products

Where can you find us?

Visit the SME Centre at Fairgrounds Branch, any BancABC
branch or call on 3674 646 / 0800 330 330 or email at and get the help that you need.




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