Fresh Payroll Account

A transactional account in which income can be deposited. This account will allow the customer to do transactions over the counter and by the use of a debit card.  This account operates like a current account but does not carry a cheque book. Specifically for those who do not meet minimum current account requirements.


Qualifying Criteria

  • Salary range (P750.00 to P1,499.99)
  • Minimum balance of P30.00
  • Payslip and/or letter from employer confirming salary
  • Omang (Botswana)
  • Passport (non-citizens)
  • Work and residence permits (non-citizens)
  • Proof of residential address (e.g. Current utility bill, letter from the local chief and Council rates invoice not older than 3 months)
  • Easy access by VISA Debit Card
  • Convenience - Access to any BancABC branches and 24hr Zone.
  • 24/7 access to the ATM, Internet, POS
  • Up to date information - One free statement per month
  • Access to Insurance - Funeral Plan Cover (Optional)
  • Transactional fees
  • Flexible Transactional Fees (Option to choose Pay-as-You-Go or Bundle Fees)
  • Easy to reconcile account - one free monthly statement
  • Personalized Relationship Management
  • Gold Debit Card
  • No cheque book required
  • Transact at any time
  • The use of Echannel services such as ATM, POS and Internet.
  • Standing order instruction 
TRANSACTION / SERVICE Fresh Payroll Account Personal Current Account
Account Balance Requirements    
Opening Balance - minimum deposit P30.00 P50.00
Minimum Operating Balance - per month P30.00 Nil
Monthly Management/Activity Fee P5.00 P27.50
Cash deposit @ branch counter 0.1% free up to P2000 0.1% free up to P2000
Cheque deposit @ branch counter - own bank cheque within clearing area Free Free
Cheque deposit @ branch counter - own bank cheque outside clearing area Free Free
Cheque deposit @ branch counter - Agent bank within clearing area Free Free
Cheque deposit @ branch counter - Agent bank outside clearing area Free Free
Cash withdrawal @ branch counter P11.20 P11.20
Cash deposit @ ATM 0.3% free up to P2000 0.1% free up to P2000
Cash withdrawal @ ATM (BancABC ATM) P1.52 P1.52
Cash withdrawal @ other bank Local ATM P3.05 P3.05
Cash withdrawal @ banks internationally P12.20 P12.20
POS transaction [in country] P1.12 P1.12
POS transaction [international] P2.80 P2.80
Card Replacement Fee P30.55 P30.55
Additional Card P30.55 P30.55
Balance enquiry on ATM (own ATM or Mini ATM) P0.50 P0.50
Mini Statement @ BancABC ATM P1.12 P1.12
Standing order/Debit order to customer's account in BancABC(This excludes Loan accounts) free free
Standing order/Debit order to 3rd party account in BancABC P5.60 P5.60
Standing order/Debit order to 3rd party account at other banks (locally) P8.95 P8.95
Inter-account transfer (Customer's own accounts) Free Free
Inter-account transfer (to 3rd party account in BancABC) P3.05 P3.05
Inter-account transfer (to 3rd party account at other banks) P15.20 P15.20
Referal Fees na P11.20
Stop payments na P56.00
RTGS Charges tba tba
Other fees    
Bank cheque issued# P33.60 P33.60
Unpaid cheques/RD cheques written (Non sufficient Funds) n/a P112.00
Other unpaid debits (Non Sufficient Funds) n/a P33.30
Post-dated cheque deposited n/a P22.40
Cheque book n/a P15.20
Deposit book Free Free
full Statement - at Statement printer on the Z4 hrs Zone) P1.10 P1.10
interim statement - over the counter P5.60 (per sheet) P5.60 (per sheet)
History/Additional statement at branch P5.60 P5.60
Closing of Account P30.55 P30.55
Certificate of balance    
Balance of account only P22.40 P22.40
Certificate covering interest paid P33.60 P33.60
Confirming Auditors list P22.40 P22.40
Fax charges    
Local P11.20 P11.20
Cross Border P11.20 P11.20
Penalty fee    
Encroachment rate n/a 20%
All pricing is 12%  VAT Inclusive    



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