Call Account

With a Call Account, you can deposit funds and make withdrawals as and when you need, in a variety of currencies. Investments start at P10 000.

Fixed Deposit

The Fixed Deposit is for customers looking to invest money for a fixed period at a set interest rate. A minimum amount of P10 000 can be invested for periods ranging from 1 to 24…

Lerako Savings Account

Make your money work for you by opening a semi-flexible Lerako savings account that allows you to make additional deposits on your initial deposit. 

Maungo Saver

Enjoy interest earned from fixed accounts with the peace of mind given by flexible access to your funds for emergencies. Make your money work for you. The more you invest, the…

Fresh Save

Whether it's a big investment or small savings, big dreams that start small, open a Fresh Save Account and start earning interest on your savings. The Fresh Save Account comes…