Who is Access Bank PLC?

Access Bank Plc. commonly known as Access Bank, is an African multinational commercial bank, owned by Access Bank Group. It is a top tier full-service commercial bank operating through a network of more than 600 branches and service outlets, spanning three continents, 12 countries and over 42 million individual customers.

Can I have the same confidence in this new brand as I had in BancABC?

Yes you can. Access Bank Plc. comes with a strong global franchise and a universal payment gateway, solidified by a robust capital base and best-practice governance structures. This is in addition to its vision to be the world’s most respected African Bank.

Will my money be safe with this new bank?

Your money is safe. Access Bank is a strong financial institution with A1 and A+ Credit Ratings by Moody’s and Fitch respectively and is part of the World’s 500 most valuable banking brands. Your banking experience will continue as normal. You’ll have access to your relationship manager, have use of your usual banking services and you will be able to access your money with no interruptions.

When are we seeing changes within the bank?

The changes within the bank will effectively be visible from November 29, 2021.

Is BancABC Part of Atlas Mara still involved in any way?
Access Bank acquired 78.15% of Atlas Mara which means Access Bank is the major controlling shareholder. Atlas Mara is now a minority shareholder.
Why did you decide on Access Bank as the new brand?
Access Bank Plc. comes with robust wholesale banking capabilities which when combined with BancABC Botswana’s strong retail banking operation will provide significant scope for revenue diversification and growth in the corporate and SME banking segment. BancABC Botswana’s customers will now benefit from best-in-class digital platforms and product suites, leveraging Access Bank’s group IT infrastructure.
I can still see BancABC branding here and there. When will the change to Access Bank be complete?
The change will be complete on November 29, 2021. However, while some branches have already been updated, the new branding will be rolled out across branches in the coming months.
You will have needed to invest significant resources in the rebranding exercise. Will I be paying for this?

You are not paying any money for the re-branding exercise.

Why did you decide on this look?

The new look captures Access Bank’s strength, its sense of energy and forward momentum.

What do these changes mean for me as a customer? Do I need to do anything?

These changes will provide more opportunities, more benefits, more products and an even stronger and faster digital platform for our customers, and greater opportunities for you. Our technological capability will be faster and more efficient.

Will you be issuing new cheque books?

Customers with BancABC cheque books can continue using them to transact. However, once the cheque book runs out it is then that customers will be issued with Access Bank branded cheque book.

Will you be issuing new cards?

You can still use your valid BancABC cards at our designated ATMs. On expiry customers will be issued with cards branded with Access Bank’s brand identity

Will there be staff changes? Will I be dealing with the same tellers/branch manager?

There won’t be any staff changes. You will still be dealing with same set of staff.

Will these changes affect products and services?

These changes will only offer you optimum service and provide more products to meet your financial goals.

Will my card/account, etc. still work?

Yes. Account numbers and details remain the same. You will still be able to use BancABC branded cards until they expire and will be issued with Access Bank Botswana cards thereafter

Will the SaruMoney App still be functional?
Yes, the App will still be functional
Can I still use my BancABC card in the ATM and at branches and point-of-sale?

Yes you can as your BancABC branded card will be valid until the expiry date on the card. Once it expires you will be issued with an Access Bank Botswana branded card.

Will there be any additional transactional charges for using a BancABC-branded card in an Access ATM or POS machine, and vice versa?

No. You won’t be charged any additional fees for using your BancABC card on any Access ATM

Will the ATMs operate differently?

No. The technologies of the two banks have integrated for synergy.

Will I be required to change my account details?

No. Your account details are not changing.

Will my bank charges or rates be changing?

Not as yet. Bank charges and rates will remain the same for the time being.

Will this re-brand affect the current loan agreement I have with BancABC?

No. Your loan obligations still remain as they were with BancABC.

Is the SWIFT code going to change?


What measures are being put in place to protect customers from fraudulent activities?

Access bank has the best-in class technology which is constantly improved to ensure the safety of your funds.

If I suspect my account has been compromised, who should I call?
Please reach out to our Customer Care Department on 3993300
What must I do if I receive an email or link asking me to provide sensitive account details and information?

Please disregard such emails. Do not click on such links. Do not share your OTP or ATM PIN with anyone. Report all cases to our Customer Care Department on 3993300

Who can I contact for more information?
Contact our Customer Care Department on 3993300
As a result of this rebranding, will I have to re-submit my KYC documents with Access Bank Botswana?
Submission of KYC documents annually remains a requirement to financial institutions by the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA). Customers will receive notification when annual submissions are due.
What do I have to look forward to in the future with regards to the rebrand?

Expect more financial products tailored to meet your financial goals. Expect optimum customer service.

Will the transition affect existing insurance policies?
No, all paid up policies will remain valid