Our Team

We have a young, agile workforce with 65% of our employees being millennials. Our team is made up of forward-thinking highly skilled individuals who believe in leveraging their extensive knowledge of the African banking sector and collaborating to find the best solutions for our investors and customer base.

Our people are empowered to deliver excellent strategic value and advice with professionalism, impact, relevance and foresight – delivering on our promises, every time.


Our culture is characterised by empowerment, accountability and innovation. We value people, humility, respect, resilience and problem-solving. We ensure that we invest in sustainable, solid relationships and build mutually beneficial networks. All team members form part of decision-making processes and are empowered to shape their respective futures within the organisation. We create an environment where we can be an employer of choice for our professional employees who can achieve their full potential, with commensurate rewards.

In order for us to be a leading bank, we encourage a high-performance culture. Our internal communication strategy is founded around three pillars:

  1. Purpose: reminding our people why we exist
  2. Values: connecting our people and the work they do to our company values
  3. Bancers: shifting perceptions and creating meaning for our people

We consistently live our values, treat all individuals fairly and respectfully, and strive always to act in accordance with ethical guidelines and statutory requirements.  We are valued by the communities with whom we engage, trusted by investors and our employees are proud to work for us.

We value strong networks and working relationships that are underpinned by teamwork, open communication, trust and respect.  We invest time and other resources to build and nurture high-performing teams - earning each other’s trust, providing constructive feedback and holding ourselves and others accountable for performance development.


People are at the core of everything we do at BancABC, both internally and externally. By creating a participative environment that empowers people to realise their aspirations, we have established an evolving culture that inspires, uplifts and motivates our people to achieve their true potential.

BancABC also provides unique career opportunities for talented employees who are looking to make a difference in reshaping Africa's social and financial landscape.

The Bank is committed to maintaining high-performance standards and providing competitive conditions of service.  We offer a supportive work environment, abundant and tailored development opportunities as well as focusing on attracting, developing and retaining talent.

An important cornerstone of BancABC's talent management is that the Bank must appoint individuals who have the necessary range of job-specific skills and whose attitude toward their work and colleagues enables them to channel their capabilities, energies and expertise into performing productively for BancABC and clients. The Human Capital function consistently identifies and promotes the necessary skills that can take the Bank forward.